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Welcome to our wonderful world of MAKEUP! The world of more than 340 million beauty-adepts who annually purchase over 50 million items from our websites in different countries.

At our core, we believe that beauty should have no limits.

This is a place for inspiration. We offer an ever increasing variety of beauty products and services to please even the most discerning taste.

‘You want it? We have it.’ – Our powerful idea that encapsulates our commitment to fulfilling all your beauty desires.

One of the leading online beauty-retailers in Europe, MAKEUP operates in 36 countries including France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain.

It is our mission to support each individual customer in their search for the unique beauty product that suits their individual needs.


The widest range of beauty products

We have inspiring and unique collections of more than 3000 brands and 164000 products!

Our team knows which items can be useful and practical as well as items that are fashionable or used to create and enhance individual statements of beauty. We present brands that seek to evoke excitement among true cosmetics and perfumery devotees. Discover new products, exclusive launches, rare fragrances, and the world's best beauty brands with us.

We provide endless opportunities for beauty artists to explore, experiment, and unleash their creativity with our ever-expanding range of products, enabling them to bring their most daring ideas to life.


Direct partner for the leading brands

MAKEUP is authorized as an official partner by the top luxury brands. YSL, Lancome, Biotherm, Armani, Prada, Valentino, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Hugo Boss, Burberry and many more. We are proud to say that we work directly with official suppliers and offer you only genuine authentic products, unique limited collections and additional benefits from the brands.


Shopping with comfort

Have you ever noticed how frequently the essential beauty products seem to be inconveniently located? Your favorite shampoo may only be available at the salon, while mascara and eyeliner are found exclusively in specific stores, and cosmeceuticals are limited to pharmacies. We believe that an exhausting marathon to replenish stocks and search for profitable offers should not waste your energy!

MAKEUP offers an extensive assortment encompassing all categories and variations of beauty products. - from the farthest corners of the planet, from the trendy mass market to the luxurious luxury. A modern price control system, monitoring of current novelties and incredibly convenient delivery will allow you to enjoy shopping, saving time for the most important things. Over the years, MAKEUP has become synonymous with comfortable shopping and we improve our service every day!


Premium showrooms for the best beauty-experience

Top luxury brands, unique niche perfumes, organic brands and products for professionals are showcased in the comfortable atmosphere of MAKEUP showrooms. Enjoy expert consultations, advice, and hi-tech diagnostics to address your specific skin concerns and select the best care products, testers and gifts. Explore the world of beauty to the fullest at MAKEUP showrooms.

Discover our 2 spacious grand stores located in Kyiv's Atmosphere shopping mall and Warsaw, Wola Park.


MAKEUP Beauty Atelier

For many years we have been specializing in the beauty industry, working with leading brands and experts, which allowed us to combine high-class professionals, effective beauty products, talent and technology in a single space - MAKEUP Beauty Atelier. Discover a wide range of services at MAKEUP Beauty Atelier in Warsaw, including styling, hair care, medical cosmetology, and hi-tech procedures.

Mon-Sat, from 10:00 to 21:00. Phone for appointments: +48 602 661 809 E-mail: [email protected]


Keeping Up with Beauty Trends

At MAKEUP, we understand and value your preferences, thoughts, and dreams. Our clients receive over 1 million gifts annually. Samples, miniatures, rare fragrance testers, special offers and quests with nice prizes – we always strive to discover new brands for you and help you find your favorites!


With future in mind

Our goal is to see beauty in all its unique manifestations, create and highlight it in the world around us…

We care about the future of the planet and are constantly working on recycling and conscious consumption projects. We stopped using polyethylene for packing parcels, replacing it with paper, which, like our branded boxes, is recyclable. In 2022, we introduced special equipment that allowed us to use eco-friendly tape in the packaging process.

We support brands that care about the environment, and we also provide customers with information about current sustainable innovations in packaging and ingredients. Whether it’s Vegan, Bio or PETA, using a special filter, it is easy for our customers to find products with appropriate certificates.


Information and inspiration

MAKEUP is an inspiring universe of beauty. Reviews, swatches, tests, secrets and expert advice. All of this you will find at MAKEUP! More than 2 million Facebook subscribers, more than 700 thousand Instagram followers, a Youtube channel, online digest, beauty blog and more than 2 million product reviews. We pride ourselves on building this beauty-treasure box and gaining a huge amount of supporters.


Join the MAKEUP community and create beauty history with us!



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